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Ireson Motorsports was established with a goal and commitment to offer quality restoration and customization services to car enthusiasts nationwide. We strive to provide exceptional work that reflects the quality of our final product and our national media recognition. To see what makes us a notable business in the industry, bring your car to our shop today.

The More Unique, the Better

We are always looking for new challenges in every aspect of our work, especially ones that motivate us to do better. The capabilities of our shop are only limited by your imagination, so tell us your vision, and we’ll make it real.


About Paul Ireson

Paul is the owner of Ireson Motorsports. Specializing in classic British sports cars, he is an expert mechanic with more than 35 years of experience in automotive restoration and design as well as paint and body work.

Paul is also a Land Rover Defender Specialist and own Royal Defenders, a company dedicated to re-engineering the iconic Land Rover Defender with superior functionality and branding it to be the very best.


Paul Ireson’s vehicles have won in hundreds of prestigious shows, including an episode of Car Warriors and more than 12 awards in NOPI Nationals Motorsports Shows since 2007. He also has won in excess of 100 local and regional shows for his work in the fields of custom and classic show car restoration. Aside from these, Paul has participated in the following international shows:


Hot Import Nights Shows

  • Los Angeles, California

  • Miami, Florida

  • Tampa, Florida

  • Orlando, Florida

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Chicago, Illinois

DUB Shows

  • Miami, Florida

  • Tampa, Florida

  • Orlando, Florida

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Memphis, Tennessee

Lowrider Shows

  • Miami, Florida

  • Tampa, Florida

  • Houston, Texas

  • Toronto, Ontario

  • Puerto Rico

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