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Twin Engine Mini

The second brainchild in the Ireson Motorsports Mini Cooper collection is this 1965 Mini Cooper pickup truck. It was purchased in England, and given the customary stripping down and overhaul. Starting with custom made sub frames, suspension, motor mounts, and roll cage, and the truck was then ready to receive its TWO power plants!!! This car has two Honda B16's in it. One in the front at 550 hp and one in the rear at 550 hp, causing it to be the baddest Mini on earth, BAR NONE. Both engines sport fully forged internals, resleeved to 1900 by Euro Sport West Palm. Large Master power Turbo's , NX Direct injection nitrous, Skunk2 Throttle body's I Custom made the body / Interior and Gull wing door by hand and created this one off custom body with the help of my son Nick Ireson of Powersport Composites. We also built a single seat cockpit in the truck, with a wrap around dash board to hold the 22 gauges that monitor the vitals of this beast. It resembles a fighter jet cockpit, and for good reason. The Custom suspension was designed and made by Paul using air bags from Easy Street. Custom Steering rack Porsche 911. Audio Connection of Fort Myers, and Chris Dalio then got their hands dirty and wired the whole truck for sound and video, including 2 JL Audio W7's, 4 T.V's, GPS/Navigation, and rear facing back up cameras. Notice the television screens inside the tailgate and door. The one, gull wing door that is, that Paul engineered from scratch. When the mechanicals and body were finished, we turned Fred Schutrump loose with an airbrush, and let him complete the crazy paint scheme. A project like this is never completed without help, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Planet Color, SHELL V POWER, Audio Connection, Chris Dalio, Nick Ireson Powersport Composites, Fred Schutrump, and to many others who contributed to this build in some way. Paul's wife Kathryn certainly deserves some thanks for her support and tolerance of the insanely long hours needed to complete this build before its 2006 debut at Hot Import Nights in L.A where it began its career by winning Best of show, Best engineering, best interior, best European, and best display. This car was featured at SEMA twice and on My Classic Car with Planet color, Featured in numerous magazines, TV shows and commercials, and car shows across the US including Puerto Rico.

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