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Rear Engine Mini

This little green monster began life as a 1975 Mini Cooper, imported from England, and it's safe to say it had seen better days. The Mini was given a complete overhaul, including removing the factory 65hp front wheel drive setup, in exchange for a mid engine Honda B16 power plant. The motor has been equipped with a turbocharger, Wiseco pistons and nitrous, and currently runs at approximately 390 hp. Weighing in at only 1,600 lbs it's no surprise that this car feels like it could blast you to the moon. We then made a custom wide body, a full roll cage, and an Acura dash board and console. To top it all off, we painted the car Kawasaki green, and it was then airbrushed by Fred Schutrump. This car has been featured in numerous magazines, T.V shows, and commercials, SEMA, and car shows across the U.S.

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