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1957 London Bus

London Bus. This 1958 London Double Decker Bus was built by British Leyland and began its life as public transportation in the contryside of Scotland.After many years of service it was imported into Jacksonville, Florida, where it served as a tourist bus.After that, it sat for many years until it ended up on pine island not far from us here in Ft. Myers. The complete restoration was commissioned by a local law firm The Dellutri Law Group.to serve as a mobile law office. Ireson Motorsports did a complete restoration of the exterior where we had to fabricate many of the body panels and the structure.David Gallo & Jerry Isaacs from Platinum Property Management LLC were responsibe for the finished carpentry on the interior. Chris Dalio wired the bus for sound, light and 110v. A/C and refrigerators were added upstairs and downstairs

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