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Come on board the Ireson Motor Sports team!! Be apart of the shows, awards and press that come with Paul Ireson's cars. Just like NASCAR, sponsors can have their ID's and Logos strategically placed to catch the most eyes. And just like Paul's cars, they will leave a lasting impression. Shell Oil Co has already taken advantage of the opportunity for exposure that these vehicles offer, and now is your chance! Ireson Motor Sports always a project in the works, which means that we can get you involved in a program that works best for your company.

Whether you are looking to purchase a custom vehicle that will show consumers where you are headed for the future, or you just want to sponsor an existing project, we can put together a program custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Paul and his vehicles have reached international recognition as technological marvels as well as moving pieces of art. They have been featured in various television shows, magazines, and websites. Whether you are interested in American muscle, British class, Japanese technology, or German prestige, or any mix of all of them, we can build a car for you!

With that magical mix of unparalleled performance, pristine and original bodywork, and outright dementia, our vehicles make a statement about your company that will not soon be forgotten!

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